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Custom made artwork

If you are looking to get a custom artwork made up it will help me to know some of the following things:

What would you like in the artwork?

If you have an idea of what you want making you might need to supply a reference photo, for example if it is a pet portrait or your house. Photos can be emailed to me at it would be very helpful if any photos provided are of a high resolution/quality so I can see the detail in the photo. Low quality images are very pixellated and do not print off the details very well. 

What medium do you want the artwork in?

I work in a variety of different mediums, the majority of my work is in watercolour, pastel, acrylic and also pyrography (burning) on wood. This choice might come down to where you want the artwork to be displayed and what size you want it in, For example I have done 1 metre squared paintings that are best on acrylic box canvas or if you want it for indoor or outdoors. In this case I can do wood artwork and treat it for outdoors with oil and varnish. 

When would you like it made up for?

If you want something made for a special occasion then please let me know and I can try and work to this timescale. The time it takes to create a piece of work is mostly dependant on the nature of the work and the size of the painting. 

Where would you like it sending to?

Due to postage restrictions I cannot easily send large items overseas so the largest I will do for any overseas customers is A3.

Further information

Does the artwork come in a frame?

Due to postage costs and size restrictions it is not viable to frame the artwork. 

What sort of wood art can I make?

I can do house or business signs for indoor or outdoor use. These are done using pyrography to burn the writing and designs into the wood, sometimes using acrylic paint to enhance the work with a splash of colour. 
I can also do more picturesque pieces including personalised house plaques and scenes of places and animals. 

Do I supply the wood?

I have a supply of wood to use for both indoor and outdoor, if you have a specific piece that you would like something making up on then I can see if I can work with this. Due to postage restrictions only treated indoor wood is able to be posted overseas. 

It is advisable to get in touch before placing your order or if you do not see what you are looking for above. By default the house signs are around 25 – 35 cm, if you require something larger please let me know. 

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