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Blarbuie Woodland Wood Art Project

These pieces will shortly be available to see up in the Blarbuie Community Woodland in Lochgilphead.  I went for dog walks in these woods after my brain surgery and it shortly became my “happy place”. I’ve always thought it would be nice to see some creative pieces in the woods so I contacted the woodland and I am donating these 5 pieces to them. Once they are fully weather proof, of course! 

  1. The Seahorse, or Hippocampus is part of the brain that I had removed during the surgery to help control my seizures.
  2. The Highland Ram with the words “Counting Sheep” represents the struggle with insomnia and the stubborn nature of the ram to get through tough times. 
  3. The Unicorn with the words “Hopes and Dreams” and “Believe” is a reminder to believe in your wildest dreams.
  4. The anatomical brain drawing shows all the lobes of the brain. I had to slip an educational piece in!
  5. The Siberian Husky is Shadow our wonderful and mischievous dog who accompanied me on all my long recovery walks through the woods. 

You can also see some of the work in progress shots of these creations. The wood has been provided by Loch Awe Hardwoods over in Eredine, Argyll. It is a mixture of beech, elm and alder. 

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