Content vs Design

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? It is almost the same philosphy when creating websites. When I'm faced with client's constant questions, such as "can we create a section in here and call it .....?" Yes this is all possible but what are you talking about and do you have any information to show for it? Most of the time the answer is..."no, just a section we want to add for the future."  It is all very well creating nice places for content and pictures that one day may fit in their places, but we need the content to work with now! This will help define the structure of the site that we are building. Content is key to building the foundations of the site, and therefore the ability to design the layout.  Well structured content also helps with ranking in search engines. Design, in the traditional sense of course will be involved in making the template in the first instance. So a website can be designed but without content it will be fairly minimal and disfunctional. A website can have content but without design it will be functional in all senses, but not the most glamourous things to look at!